inok chung

2021-Dear England
2020 - Regency Beauty
           Drunken Shirt
           Crochet Corset
2019 Reclining Figure
           Frame Coat
2016- H&M Design Award

          Lost and Found

Series (On-going)
2019~ Portraits
2020~ Patches
             - Birds
             - Bears
2021- RI A RI (villageboy)
            Conspirators of      

2020- Camper
            Plastic Socks
            Violent Bunnies
2019- Mum and Nana
2017- Low Resolution

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         - Press
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Portrait Series — a series of cross-stitched portraits of people around me (on-going project)

(Each portrait is about 7cm wide 9.4cm long, 28 colours, worked on Aida cloth. )

Inspired by the German photographer Thomas Ruff’s portraits
, I wanted to document people around me. Instead of taking photographs of them, I started cross-stitching their ID photos. Each coloured cross-stitch becomes pixel, 28 coloured DMC threads became a pixelated portrait. Pixel, a digital concept is replaced by cross-stitch, the oldest form of embroidery. 

*You can order your portrait embroidery, You'll get the finished portrait and process scan images. (email to

To see the process, hover on the names below. (works on web view only)

000. Sample

001. Philipp Obwaller

002. Eden Brader Tan

003. Hyunwoo Kim

004. Maxmilien Foucaut