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2021-Dear England
2020 - Regency Beauty
           Drunken Shirt
           Crochet Corset
2019 Reclining Figure
           Frame Coat
2016- H&M Design Award

          Lost and Found

Series (On-going)
2019~ Portraits
2020~ Patches
             - Birds
             - Bears
2021- RI A RI (villageboy)
            Conspirators of      

2020- Camper
            Plastic Socks
            Violent Bunnies
2019- Mum and Nana
2017- Low Resolution

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Portrait Series — a series of cross-stitched portraits of people around me (on-going project)

(Each portrait is about 7cm wide 9.4cm long, 28 colours, worked on Aida cloth. )

  Inspired by the German photographer Thomas Ruff’s portraits

(see below), I wanted to document people around me. Instead of taking photographs of them, I started cross-stitching their ID photos. Each coloured cross-stitch becomes pixel, 28 coloured DMC threads became a pixelated portrait. Pixel, a digital concept is replaced by cross-stitch, the oldest form of embroidery. 

*You can order your portrait embroidery , You'll get the finished portrait and process scan images.  (email to

000. Sample

001. Philipp Obwaller

002. Eden Brader Tan

003. Hyunwoo Kim

004. Maxmilien Foucaut

1. Portraits by Thomas Ruff